Vile Romance

Vile Romance


Roberto is a gay boy who shares the family house with his mother Olga and his sister Alejandra. Roberto spends his days wandering around the house; he is aware all he can offer and demand to his young lovers is a fling.

Roberto starts a relationship with Raúl, a man around 50 who invites him to his place. Once he’s there Roberto is sexually taken in a rough way he never knew.

Roberto moves into Raúl’s house, taking care of the housekeeping. Everything seems to be in harmony but Raúl ‘s constant absences lead Roberto to start a casual relationship with a gay boy whom he takes to Raúl’s place while he isn’t there.

Unable to overcome betrayal Raúl gradually loses control. He is constantly jealous and aggressive to Roberto, letting him know he’d never hurt him physically because he loves him, but he wouldn’t hesitate on killing his mother or his sister.



Year: 2008
Duration: 105 min.
Genre: Ficcion
35 mm – color


Script and Direction
José Celestino Campusano

Executive Producer
Enrique Muzio

José Campusano

Associated Producers
Pedro Campusano
Juan Padín
Leonardo Padín

Photography and Camera
Leonardo Padín

Ernesto Ángel Barrera

Production Assistant
Graciela Quiroga

Leonardo Padín

Juan Manuel Colombo

Post-production On line
Promys srl

Sound Post-production
Daniel “Manzana” Ibarrart

Laboratory Cinecolor



Roberto                                 Nehuen Zapata

Raúl                                      Oscar Génova

Alejandra                              Marisa Pájaro

César                                    Javier De La Vega

Mother                                   Olga Perez

Teenager                              Julio M. Gonzalez

Raúl ex wife                         Silvia Beñacar

Stepfather                            Fabio Zurita

Raúl’s daughter                  Ailén Pérez

Raúl’s mother                      Basilia Stavron

Friend 1                                Ángel Barrera

Friend 2                                Alejandro Barrera

Gun buyer                            Carlos Mannuccia

Raúl’s friend                         Carlos Sparaino

Raúl’s friend 2                     Guadalupe Carrizo

Hoodlum 1                           Gabriel Rzepka

Hoodlum 2                           Jesús Gonzalez

Young man                          Fernando Balihaut

Employer                               Germán Groeger

Man 1                                    Horacio Florentín

Man 2                                    Emilio Sosa

Boxer man                            Pablo Crespo

Barman                                 Víctor Pavón

Guitarrist                               Gustavo Martinez




  • 23º Mar del Plata International Film Festival – Argentina
    International Competition
  • 5° Films with Neighbours National Film Festival – Saladillo – Argentina
    Special Invitation.


  • Pantalla Pinamar 2009. Fifth Argentine – European Film Encounter.
  • 21° Toulouse Latin America Film Festival – France. Discovery Competition. French Critics’ Discovery Award. Prix Rail d’Oc.
  • XXXI Independents Films and Video Encounters – Villa Gesell – Argentina.  Special invitation festival closing ceremony.
  • Ciclo Rosa 2009 – Colombia
  • 1º Río Negro Proyecta Film and Video Festival – Argentina. National Competition Award.
  • 17º FilmFest Hamburg – Germany. Section Vitrina.
  • Tucumán Cine Film Festival 2009 – Argentina. National Competition
  • 18º Biarritz Latin America Film festival – France. Section Avant Premiere.
  • 9º Barcelona International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival – Spain.
  • 14º LesGaiCine Madrid. – Spain.
  • 35º Huelva Ibero-America Film Festival – Spain.


  • 4º Argentine Films Showcase in Leipzig – Germany
  • Black Movie Festival – Geneva – Switzerland
  • 28º Uruguay International Film Festival
  • 17th Prague International Film Festival FEBIOFEST – Czech Republic
  • 13th Cine Las Americas International Film Festival – USA (Austin)
  • 9th Grenoble International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival – France
  • “NewFest” New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Film Festival USA
  • DIVERSA Gay, Lesbian & Transgender Film Festival, Argentina
  • MIX MÉXICO: Festival de diversidad sexual en cine y video – México
  • EuroPride Festival Poland (Warsaw)


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