Vikingo is a story that exposes, powerful and deep as life itself, the conflict between two groups from Buenos Aires suburbs.

Vikingo is a motorcyclist. Though his way of life may be licentious somehow, he’s a very respected man, strong and rigid on the application of certain moral precepts.

His code is based in the concepts of honor and respect, although they aren’t always present in his own life. His majestic presence reminds of some warrior from the middle age.

Vikingo, as well as his fellow motorcyclists, practice an anarchic primary way of life that nowadays may look an anachronism for us. They always dress in black and refuse being part of any sort of crime. Their vehicles are usually enormous homemade  tricycles, with horns and animal skulls on their handlebars.

Vikingo has a quiet, pacific nature. Never the less, he lives in constant rivalry with a teenager named Villegas, who is not only a drug dealer but the permanent leader on outrageous crimes.

Villegas and his gang impersonate the lack of codes, deeply set on the absence of respect over the own life as well as other people’s.

The conflict grows deeper when Villegas starts involving Vikingo’ s nephew in his felonies .

There’s a weak balance between Villegas’s gang and Vikingo’s group. But some day a lonely motorcyclist called Aguirre arrives to the hood running from a love trouble and Vikingo takes him as his guest. Then things get harder. Aguirre’s intervention will help tipping the balance and keep, not without blood, the thin string that holds peace by those lost landscapes.




Year: 2009
Duration: 90 min.
Genre: Fiction
35 mm color.

Script and Direction
José Celestino Campusano

Executive Producer
Enrique Muzio

José Campusano

Associated Producers
Pedro Campusano. Juan Padín. Leonardo Padín.

Photography and Camera
Leonardo Padín

Ernesto Ángel Barrera

Post-production Sound Director
Daniel “Manzana” Ibarrart

Claudio Miño

Production Assistant
Graciela Quiroga

Leonardo Padín

Piromania Efectos Especiales

Fx Coordinator
Lanfranco Burattini

Sound Post-production
SONOSFERA Producciones Sonoras

Sound Editors
Carlos Posse, Leandro Sinich, Guido Ronconi, Luciano “Cacha” Pérez.

Sound Mix
FX Design

Mix Supervisor
Maximiliano Gorriti




Vikingo                                             Rubén Orlando Beltrán

Aguirre                                              Armando Galvalisi

Julián                                                Gabriel Rogelio Mendez

Villegas                                            Alejandro Mendez

Natalia                                              Natalia Rodriguez Gomez

Silvia                                                 Lelia Adriana Siburu

David                                                David Alberto Beltrán

Iván                                                   Iván Alexis Beltrán

Quimey                                             Anahí Quimey Beltrán

German                                            Gabriel Garay

Bald                                                   Franco Adrián Gonzalez

Chinese                                           Andrés Quintana

Boy 1                                                 Milton Beltrán

Boy 2                                                 Facundo Beltrán

Henchman 1                                               Fernando Villanueva

Henchman                                       Martín Ibarra

Vikingo’s friend                               Marío Luján

Bolita                                                 Rogelio Mendez

Mother                                              Marcela Galeano

Girl                                                    Ayelén Pérez

Willy                                                  Roberto Luján

Porchi                                                           Javier Luján

Porchi’s girlfriend                           Jenifer Bravo

Victim 1                                             Anastacio Barrera

Victim 2                                             Victoria Muriel

Mercedes Encounter 1                  Luis Gomez

Mercedes Encounter 2                  Christian Cóppola

Henchman 3                                                Fernando Blanchart

Henchman 4                                                Jonatan Walter Verdes

Woman 1                                          Ester Burgo

Woman 2                                          Paula Benitez

Ashes Girl                                        Patricia Isabel García




  • 23º Mar del Plata  International Film Festival – Argentina. “Work in Progress” Award.


  • 24º Mar del Plata  International Film Festival – Argentina. International Competition.

    • 1º Jury’s Special Mention
    • FIPRESCI Prize (The International Federation of Film Critics)
      Best film: Vikingo.
  • 6° Films with Neighbours National Film Festival – Saladillo – Argentina. Special Invitation.


  • Pantalla Pinamar – 6º Argentine – European Film Encounter. National Competition.
    Award: Silver Balance (voted by the public in general and the specialized critics)
  • 14º Lima Film Festival, Latin America Cinema Encounter – Peru
  • 2º Festival Río Negro Proyecta – Bariloche, Argentina
  • 18º Hamburg Film Fest, Germany
  • 26º Warsaw Film Festival, Poland
  • Flandes Latin America Film Festival – Belgium
  • Tucumán Cine 2010 – Argentina
  • 3º Festival Cine B – Santiago, Chile


  • 23° Toulouse Latin America Film Festival – France
  • 29º Uruguay International Film Festival
  • 20º Festival de Cine Latinoamericano de Biarritz – Francia
  • Festival Cine Global – Prize Best Film 2011 – Argentina


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