Two old musicians walk through the dusty streets of an inaccessible suburb in South Buenos Aires determined to take the rhythm of tango to the extreme, merging it with thrash rock. They are The Indian and The Wizard. None of them could accomplish a big success, so every hope and expectation is focused in their group called Mud.

Beatriz is The Wizard’s partenaire, but she’s having an affaire with Rubén, who’s also married. This relationship creates a situation of revenge and violence among women who belong to different groups with particular codes and rules in the neighborhood.

Though these neighborhoods are close to big cities, government authorities have no presence or participation within them, so disputes are solved as they used to centuries ago. Sometimes it gets even worse when they use powerful home made weapons.

The development of their musical project obsesses The Wizard and the Indian. The Wizard feels proud because he has never used violence even though all of his life took place in such violent environment.

But suddenly life will punish him on his week side.




Year: 2012
Duration: 107 min.
Genre: Fiction

Screenplay, Direction and Production
José Celestino Campusano

Executive Production
Leonardo Padín

Associated Producers
Pedro Campusano, Juan Padín, Leonardo Padín

Photography and camera
Leonardo Padín

Sound Designer
Daniel “Manzana” Ibarrart

Claudio Miño

Direct Sound
Ernesto Ángel Barrera

Sound Editors
Leandro Sinich, Charly Posse, Luciana Kaseta

Leonardo Padín

Production Assistant
Daniela Reboiras



The Wizard        Oscar Génova
Nadia            Nadia Batista
The Indian        Claudio Miño
Beatriz            Olga Obregón
Paola             Paola Abraham
Pablo            Eliseo Sanchez
Lito            Carlos Zaracho
Erica            Erica Paolucci
Lucía            Mónica Ferreyra
Leo            Leandro Martínez
Toloza            Lidoro Benigno Toloza
Gauna            Roberto Gauna
Híbrido        Rodrigo Chaparro
Edith            Daniela Reboiras
Gastón        Gastón Canis
Alejandra        Alejandra Alvárez
Rubén            Ricardo Garino
Morena        Morena Torres
Alicia            Alicia Romero
Nancy            Nancy    Schaus
Gun seller        Jorge Verón
Morty            Natalia Penzi
Heavy            Cristian Fernández
Leo’s mother        Nélida Paz
Radio Locutor        Sergio Adani
Dueño boliche        Enrique Sixto
Transeúnte        Pablo Arias
Walter            Walter Gonzalez
Esposa de Toloza    Juana Díaz
Hijo del Jefe        Darío Espinosa
Amigo Edith 1        Nora Borrás
Amigo Edith 2        Gerardo Borrás
Amigo Edith 3        Federico García
Amigo Edith 4        Adrián Corrales
Vecina calle         Nadia Fritzler



  • 27º Mar del Plata International Film Festival – Argentina
    Argentine Competition  (2012)
    Award: Best Director Argentine Competition
  • 3º Cosquín International Independent Film Festival – Argentina (2013)
    Award: Best Fiction Film
  • 3º Lima Independiente Festival Internacional de Cine – Lima, Perú (2013)
    Openning film
  • 21º Filmfest Hamburg, Germany (2013)
  • 20º Valdivia International Film Festival –  Chile
    International Competition (2013)
    Award: Special Jury Award.
  • 2º Festival Cine Global – Argentina (2013)
    Award: Best Director
  • 3º Festival Online Márgenes – Spain (2013)
    Award: Best Film


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