Legion – Motorized Urban Tribes

Legion – Motorized Urban Tribes

POSTER LEGIONIn the year 1990 Jose Campusano and Sergio Cinalli share the direction of the documentary “Ferrocentauros”, in a moment of fail of the vernacular motorcycling, when they start preparing the first organized concentrations of motorcyclists. To the meeting that “Ferrocentauros” registers,  60 motorcyclists met there, nowadays in some concentrations the number overcomes the 3000 persons.

After 16 years, Jose Campusano returns to register the motorcyclist environment, today divided in dozens of groups with emblematic names. Neither the country is the same, a kamikaze and precocious delinquency shares the quagmire universes with the prominent figures, whom the insecurity also puts in check and forces to certain doubling, the new scenary of war leads to a critical condition to theirs anarchists codes.



The ‘Berazategui Motorcycle Group’, the ‘Road Bums’ and the ‘Damn Scavenger Rats’ are three biker groups from the outskirts of Buenos Aires. They are specially known for their anarchist lifestyles and the last two, for their extreme vehicle designs, which include an abundance of animal carcasses. This documentary short shows their life expectations and particular codes of conduct.


Year: 2006
Genre: Documentary
Length: 60 minutes


Director | José Celestino Campusano
Cinematography | Claudio Agosto
Camera | Leonardo Javier Padín
Film Editor | Fernando Bronfman


Festivals where the film has already been presented:

  • Mar del Plata International Film Festival – Argentina. Latin American Documentaries Section  – March 2006
  • Latin American Film Festival of San Rafael, Mendoza. Argentina. October 2006



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