The Trigger’s Cult

The Trigger’s Cult

The Trigger’s Cult  – A 360° Experience by de José Celestino Campusano

afiche-la-secta-del-gatillo-WEBFINALThe Trigger’s Cult is an immersive film that addresses the naturalization of violence and judicial and police corruption in certain police stations in the Buenos Aires suburbs. The famous journalist, Ricardo Ragendorfer, specialized in police matters, and the renowned film director and producer, José Celestino Campusano, come together in a Transmedia project focused on putting into crisis each and every one of the resources of traditional cinema.



Méndez is a veteran street chief of a police station in the Buenos Aires suburbs, Pocholo is a dysfunctional young man infiltrated in neighborhood mafias, the relationship of collaboration and contempt that unites them begins to enter crisis when Pocholo establishes an alliance with Papito, a young pimp inexperienced arrived from Córdoba, this fact plus an unexpected diagnosis about Méndez’s health go to resignify the present state of things in a dizzying way in the deepest sectors of this rural area.


This Film 360 is promoted by Cluster Audiovisual de la Provincia de Buenos Aires and by the producers Cinebruto, Teutaj, Hellkin, Alud Arte Sonoro, RNA, Estudio Chroma, Piromania FX, ImmersiveFilms, Genosha, Lahaye Post, Gandhi Equipos, Rabbid EFX and Virtual 360.

Original title: La Secta Del Gatillo

English title: The Trigger’s Cult

Country: Argentina

Year: 2018

Duration: 60´





Director: José Celestino Campusano

Guión: José Celestino Campusano, Ricardo Ragendorfer

Based on the book ¨ La secta del gatillo¨  by Ricardo Ragendorfer

Photography: Federico Jacobi

VR Producer & Transmedia: Martiniano Caballieri

Sound: Horacio Nahuel Reyes Sosa, Assíz Alcaráz Baxter, Ramiro Álvarez

Music and Ambisonics Sound: Ramiro Álvarez

Art Direction: Veroka Velaskez, Micol Metzner

Edition: Federico Jacobi

Postproduction: Yesica Duarte

Direction Assistant: Martín Alejandro Santamaría

General Producer: José Celestino Campusano

Production Assistant: Shirley Waicekawsky

Visuals Effects: Lanfranco Burattini

Actors Direction: Mauro Altschuler


Juan Carlos Lopez

Sergio Sarria

Alejandro Íudiccelo

Fernando Primofrutto

Ricardo Ragendorfer

Charlie Gerbaldo

Lucas Méndez

Nahuel Genari

Claudio Medina

Bárbara Pombo

Mauro Altschuler

Daniela Cometto

Damián Ávila

Alan Fernández

Hugo Daniel Balcone

Ángela Mastruzzo

Wilson Ramon Larce

Gustavo Fanetti

Matías Lubowiecki

Daniel Fernández


Producers: Cinebruto – Teutaj – ImmersiveFilms – Alud – Estudio Chroma – Piromania FX – RNA – Genosha – Gandhi Equipos – Lahaye Post – 360 Video Experience – MVM

Support: Grupo Cabecitas

Special Suppost: Municipio De Marcos Paz


Festivals / Showcases: 

Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente, Argentina

Marfici, Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Mar del Plata, Argentina

Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar Del Plata, Argentina

Trends (Ventana Sur), Argentina

South by Southwest (SXSW), USA

Rotterdam International Film Fest, Netherlands

Muestra de Cine Nacional en Río Grande, Argentina

Mediamorfosis Argentina.

Festival Internacional de Málaga, Spain.


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