Dog Molina

Dog Molina

“DOG MOLINA” reflects on the decline of Antonio Molina, an outsider veteran who perceive his inability to manage his actions and therefore the result of them. In parallel with the emotional crisis that drags both the commissioner Ibanez, Natalia his partner, and all those who directly or indirectly are involved. All this enhanced by the nature of an environment where alliances and betrayals are suddenly and inexorably are the ones that determinate destinies.

Personally I could gather the testimonies of people involved in similar situations, happened in deep these suburbs or outlying villages.

The story of this film takes place in this specific scenario that conditions the characters, who come from a real tragedy that occurred in the riverside area of Quilmes decades ago, the same profile is determined by people linked to the various activities on which the film emphasizes, as from them absolutely everyone involved understand they do just the right thing.

My intention is to have a drama as an anthropological record about how it is establish and resolve certain conflicts of passionate nature in a purely criminal context and therefore hidden, but showing it from the fiction through a poetic visual language.


With se support of: INCAA, Municipio de Marcos Paz, FilmTV, Clúster Audiovisual de la Provincia de Buenos Aires.



Antonio Molina is a criminal who has seen better days and who vows to uphold respect for friendship and a man’s given word no matter what. The romantic drama that unfolds between Police Chief Ibañez and his beautiful wife Natalia, who turns to prostitution against her husband’s will, thrusts Molina into the centre of a tragedy of such scale for which no one can be prepared.



Year: 2014
Duration: 88 minutos
Genre: Ficción

Script, Production, Direction: José Celestino Campusano

Coproducction with: Inimaginaria Producciones y Estudio Chroma Ruta 2

Executive Production: Leonardo Padín, Mónica Amarilla

Production Chief: Santiago Podestá

Assistant Direction: Santiago Guidi

Assistant Production: Gabriela Fernandez

Assistant Direction: Mauro Altschuler

2° Assistant Production: Daiana Cermelo

Photography: Eric Elizondo

Cameraman: Nicolás Pittaluga

Gaffer: Francisco De Santis

1º Camera Assistant: Jerónimo del Castillo

2º Camera Assistant: Constanza Sandoval, Xoana Tessandori

Lighting Technician: Adriel Rodriguez Cosco

Key Grip: Gonzalo Padín

Still Photo: Daniela Reboiras

Music: Claudio Miño

Sound Recordist: Luciana Kaseta

Sound Recordist Assistant:  Carlos Lasso

Make up: Paula Calvo Bustelo

Set Decorator: Horacio Florentín

Trainees: Noelia Zobko, Florencia Tissera

FX: Piromanía Efectos Especiales

FX Coordinator: Lanfranco Burattini

Edition: Martín Basterretche

Colorist: Carlos Matthews

Edition Assistant: Sol Massera

Sound Postproduction: Daniel “Manzana” Ibarrart

Foley and SFX Editors: Charly Posse, Leandro Sinich



Antonio Molina: Daniel Quaranta

Natalia: Florencia Bobadilla

Skull: Carlos Vuletich

Ramón: Damián Ávila

Gonzalito: Assiz Alcaráz

Ibañez: Ricardo Garino

Benadivez: Fabio L. Ragone

Rosa: María Vivas

Pedro: Antonio Grand

Elsa: Alicia Santander

Foreman: Alberto Welke

Gonzalito’s Mother: Mónica Gutierrez

Solano: Hugo Bialy

Driver: Fabio Zurita

Commissioner: Héctor Inchauspe

Gasoline salesman: Miguel Angel Deantoni

Agent: Nicolás Linares

Administrative: Emilia Benitez

Luis: Pedro Moreira

Girl: Yuko Artak

Gonzalito’s Aunt: Carolina Pini

Rodrigo: Leonardo Pascutti

Old woman: Diana Di Lauro

Farmer: Matia Sarmiento

Zapata Father: Andrés Wagner

Zapata Son 1: Adolfo Suárez

Zapata Son 2: Rubén Serna

Zapata Son 3: Erik Ferreyra

Skull’s Uncle: Horacio Sileo

Woman in street: Andrea Belin

Prostitute 1: Mariela Bresciano

Prostitute 2: Betina Lugones

Prostitute Peruvian: Sabrina Benitez

Sergeant: Néstor Noguera

Thief 1: Javier Roccetti

Thief 2: Mariano Acuña

Owner: Louis Granwehr

Skull’s Friend: Claudio Barbagallo

Woman in home: Antonia Rodriguez

Fat man: Blas Durand



  • 29º Mar del Plata International Film Festival – Argentina
    International Competition
  • Pantalla Pinamar 2015 – Argentina
    Award: SIGNIS
    “In a geography marked by marginalization, violence and revenge; emerges a character and although he is part of this landscape offers codes of life and love, breaking corruption structures and thus can remain faithful to human values such as friendship, above all circumstances. Molina is authentic and has a constant tension to decide between good and evil, despite the complexity of the world he inhabit, manifested it in the desire and ability of redemption proposed by this film. “
  • LASA Film Fest 2015, Puerto Rico
  • Tucumán Cine 2015, Oficial Competition – Argentina
  • 5º Festival Lima Independiente, Perú



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