Jose Celestino Campusano

Jose Celestino Campusano was born in the locality of Quilmes, February 22, 1964. Son and brother of boxers, he studied filmmaking at the Film Institute of Avellaneda, with an active participation in independents films and videos in the eighties and part of the nineties. He is the author of the book “Argentine Marginal Mythology” quasi-biographical book about stories in the suburban area that already has two editions.

Campusano nourishes his audiovisual proposal with various suburban myths, gives prominence to strata and social referents hitherto invisible, which integrates strongly in the areas of content, performance, production and diffusion.

Since 2006, with his production company Cinebruto is forging a strong narrative flow, without following the fashions and the actors lineages. Also Campusano has been the main leader of national and international network of audiovisual Clusters, which proposes the development of a sustainable filmmaking based on the purest cooperativism and therefore with strong roots in the multisectoral organization and in the co-productions that are outside the support of conventional funds.



  • Director documentary short film: “The otter hunting”, 1986
  • Author of the book: “Argentine Marginal Mitologhy”.
  • Co-director documentary film: “Ironcentaurs” 1991
  • Director short film: “Suburban Cult of Individual Practice” 2002
  • Director and script short film: “Ángel’s summer”. 2004
  • Co-director and script short film: “Bosques” 2005
  • Producer documentary film: “In own flesh” 2005
  • Director documentary film: “Legion, Motorized Urban Tribes”, 2006
  • Script and Direction Fiction Film: “Vile romance”,
  • Script and Direction Fiction Film: “Viking”,
  • Script and Direction Fiction Film: “Mud”, 2012
  • Script and Direction – TV Serie and Fiction Film: “Ghosts of the road”, 2013
  • Script and Direction Fiction Film: “Dog Molina”, 2014
  • Script and Direction Fiction Film: “Martyrdom and Pleasure”, 2015
  • Script and Direction Fiction Film: “The spider’s lullaby”, 2015
  • Script and Direction Fiction Film: “Nehuen Puyelli’s Sacrifice”, 2016


Past productions

Bosques    Verano del Ángel    Culto Suburbano